Interactive Application in Education

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Immersive VR System

Built upon the CAVE technology, a seamless multi-screen projection, the system simulates an immersive VR environment in which students can interact intuitively with the virtual characters. An easy-to-use DIYContent Editor is available for teachers and students to develop their VR presentation in the CAVE.

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3-in-1 Interactive Projection System

The ultimate solution for multi-function video projection, the system has integrated interactive projection on the Wall, the Floor and the Table, all embedded in a mobile machine.

iProjection is equipped with a hybrid sensing technology which makes possible a variety of interactive applications for education. The system can be moved to different rooms and projected on surfaces of all angles. Multi-user interaction enabled.

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SuperMe Sports

Interactive Sports System

An Interactive Sports System for hosting sports activities indoor or outdoor.

Equipped with 4 hybrid sensors for measuring and recording sports performance. Includes an easy-to-use Sports Competition Management System for managing large scale Sports Day events.

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Activity-Based Learning System

With GOPod, learning and training become fun and engaging. Equipped with a patented wearable sensor technology, GOPod can recognize the identities of multiple users and their body parts.

This enables multi-user Activity-Based Learning for schools and Activity-Based Rehabilitation for social services.

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Creative Art

Interactive Art System

Creative Art enables students to make color images on a 2D paper and bring their artwork to life in the 3D animation world.

They can also interact with the animated characters they have just created. 2 modes are available: freehand drawing and picture coloring. An editor is available for teachers to adapt different art themes for different classes.

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Sand Play

AR Interactive Sand Table

With the application of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, Sand Play merges the real and the virtual world.

By playing with the sand, children and adults can construct imaginary landscapes and interact with the virtual characters. Using Sand Play, therapists and teachers can help the development of communication and storytelling skills.

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Sensory Wall

Interactive Cognitive Training System

Sensory Wall transforms a traditional tactile wall into an interactive multi-sensory training. An easy-to-use Content Editor is provided, allowing therapists and teachers to augment multimedia information such as video documentaries, sound recordings, musical notes and words to the tactile objects.

Such multimedia feedback can help children and adults to associate the tactile sensation with the real world knowledge and experience.

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Moving Music

Interactive Music System

Moving Music uses the camera motion tracking technology to transform human body motion into musical notes and rhythms. It enables students to experience music intuitively. A collection of interactive music software is available.

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Interactive Quiz Projection

The class is divided into groups to challenge each other with the quiz questions projected on the floor.

An editor is available for teachers to adapt content for use in different classes. Your students would love the quiz.

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Interactive Learning Game

A learning game on a large touch screen, the system covers topics such as logic, memory, math, language and concepts.

iPlay differentiates from the iPad with its multi-user platform. Learn by playing together with your classmates.

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Interactive Wall System

iWall provides rich multimedia feedback to make the interaction fun and rewarding. Over a large projection screen, different forms of stationary and moving targets will appear.

Students can catch and hit the targets with their hands, a toy hammer or soft balls. Supports multiple users.

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Interactive Floor System

iFloor offers a variety of sports and interactive games. By projecting training games on the floor, iFloor motivates students to move, run, step on or kick at the virtual characters and objects.

The multi-user system enables the experience of group interaction and collaboration.

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Info Wall

Large Interactive Info Wall

Equipped with multi-touch technology on a large screen, Info Wall showcases the information about the school history, culture, honours, news and educational content.

An editor is available for content customization in the form of videos, pictures and texts.

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Face Wall

Large Interactive Photo Wall

An interactive wall mural presenting the people of your school. VIPs, teachers, students and their parents can upload their photos to the server and display on the animated Face Wall - a display of the face of your school.

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