MCube Mental Health Program
(supported by “One-off Grant for Mental Health of Parents and Students”)

The "MCube Mental Health Program"  is developed and designed by IF Interactive and Dr. Kino Lam, the first Asian to qualify as a psychotherapist of MetaCognitive Therapy (MCT), which MCT is a state-of-the-art approach to mental wellness, intelligent data analysis systems and interactive training systems, providing schools with a comprehensive solution for mental health education, assessment, training, and parent engagement. By equipping parents with the knowledge and skills to become effective guardians of their children's mental health, to be able to identify emotional issues in students and offers timely and appropriate support.

Furthermore, this impactful initiative is made possible with the support of the "One-off Grant for Mental Health of Parents and Students".

MCube provides schools with three key components

MCube brings three major benefits to schools

Establishing a comprehensive mental health database for all students

Based on the intelligent data analysis system and interactive training system of MCT, early identification and support are provided to students at risk of mental health issues, while establishing a comprehensive mental health database for all students.

Providing diverse mental health activities

Providing diverse mental health activities, including specialized lectures, assessments, training, education, and Parent's Day. These activities are filled with interactive fun, making mental health education more engaging.

Promoting mental well-being

Through a "whole-school participation" model and activities, students, teachers, and parents are encouraged to participate together, creating a caring community within the school. By collectively addressing the mental health issues affecting students on campus, the overall mental well-being of the school is promoted.

One-off Grant for Mental Health of Parents and Students

Student mental health has been a highly concerning issue in recent years, and IF Interactive believes that promoting mental health is an urgent task. The Education Bureau has recently issued the "Campus Wellness Grant" which requires schools to organize various activities and programs to promote the mental health of students and teachers in the 2023/24 and 2024/25 academic years. These activities may include organizing "Mental Health Day," designing teaching resources to promote mental health, and conducting lectures and workshops. 
Our "MCube Mental Health Program" meets the funding requirements of the project.

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